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"Tips for buying new or used radio control cars."

RC for Sale

Here are some tips when buying an r/c vehicle.

  1. Buy according to your skill level. There are entry level models (for beginners) and racing machines (for experienced hobbyists).
  2. Buy some spare parts such as arms and gears.
  3. Buy items that will wear out such as tires.
  4. Buy electric rather than nitro. There are more places to play with electric.
  5. Buy some key upgrades such as a good radio controller, servo and ball bearings. The Sanwa MT-4 is highly recommended.
  6. If you're buying a used model, try to buy from a good racer. They normal maintain their rc cars very well and rarely crash.
  7. Start with an off-road truck or buggy. Durable and you can run them on both parking lots and off road surfaces.

Welcome to the hobby!

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RC Cars Hobby Shop - Remote Controlled Car for Sale
"Buyer's guide to rc cars and trucks. How to choose and buy a remote controlled car. Popular brands such Traxxas, Tamiya, Losi and more."

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