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Remote Controlled Cars

"Popular are Minis, Formula 1 and On-Road Touring Cars from Tamiya."

Remote Controlled Cars

Photo: Popular models from Tamiya inclued the Wild Willy, Lunchbox, Holiday Buggy, McLaren Formula One and Sand Scorcher.

Buying a remote control car has never been easier. You can buy kits that need assembly or the ready-to-run (rtr) models that are already assembled and ready to run out of the box.

RTR Remote Controlled Cars

Photo: The Tamiya Expert Built (XB) series of radio control cars makes it easy for you to get started in the hobby.

There are virtually all kinds of models to choose from, depending on what you want. Most start off with the 4wd touring cars, designed for running on-road on flat surfaces such as parking lots. Very easy to drive.

Remote Controlled Car Touring BMW

Pictured: The 1/10 Tamiya TT01E chassis with a BMW body and light kit is the entry level model that is good for beginners.

There are also the minis, which are either rear wheel drive (M06) or front wheel drive (M05). These are simple and sport bodies such as the Mazda RX-7, Suzuki Swift, Mazda Miata, Volkswagen Beetle, Fiat 500, Alfa Romeo, Honda Civic and more.

Mini Remote Control Cars

Photo: The 1/10 Tamiya M-chassis mini remote control cars are fun. Slightly smaller and less complex than the touring cars. Highly recommended for beginners.

There are also Formula One r/c cars for the fans of Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes. The Tamiya F104 chassis and licensed replica bodies make this a favorite among modellers and expert drivers.

Remote Controlled F1 Cars

Photo: 1/10th scale Tamiya F104 Formula One r/c cars. Recommended for expert drivers as these are more difficult to control compared to touring and minis. Many buy these not to run, but to display in the house.

Hope this gives you a good overview of the various on-road r/c cars you can choose from. If you prefer off-road, visit the rc trucks section of this site. And if you are excited to buy, visit the hobby shop page for a listing of online hobby stores.

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"Buyer's guide to rc cars and trucks. How to choose and buy a remote controlled car. Popular brands such Traxxas, Tamiya, Losi and more."

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