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Remote Controlled Helicopters

"Fully proportional mini electric rc helis that you can fly indoors."

Remote Controlled Helicopters

Photo: Toy rc heli (left) versus hobby quality E-flite Blade MSR electric r/c helicopter.

It's easy to get started with remote controlled helicopters. There are many toy types of helis that you can buy in department stores. These usually have dual rotors and are designed for indoor flight. Typically two channel system, one for up and down, while the other for turning left or right.

These are cheap, anywhere from $30 - $50 USD, and are durable. I've crashed mine several times, still keeps on flying.

Once you've mastered basic control, you might want to try out the hobby quality radio controlled models such as the e-flite Blade mSR. This is a 4-channel heli that has up/down, forward/backward and pitch to the left/right capability.

Though designed for indoor flight, it is very fast. Try it out on an empty warehouse or gymnasium, you'll be surprised. Below is a video with the e-flite micro heli flying in my backyard. Note I don't recommend this, as wind might easily blow the heli unto rooftops.

This model is also durable. Despite several major crashes, it still works. I highly recommend you buy this model before trying out the larger scale helis. With large scale, a crash will result in broken parts. A costly way to get started.

Beginner R/C Helicopters

Buy the 2 to 4 channel models from HobbyZone, Esky, E-flite, Heli-Max, Walkera and Venom. All electric powered and designed for indoor flight. Below is a comparison of beginner rc helis with estimated sale price in USD.

Beginner RC Helis

Intermediate R/C Helicopters

If you have more experience, try the 4 and 5-channel models from Beam, E-flite, Heli-Max and Walker. Choose from coaxial, fixed pitch and collective pitch rotor design. Some can be flown both indoors and outdoors in not so windy conditions.

4 to 5-channel Remote Controlled Helicopters

Best RC Helis

And for the highly skilled, the 6 to 9-channel models that can do inverted flight and are designed for outdoor flight. Align, E-flite, Heli-Max, Esky, Art-Tech, JR, Walkera and Venom. These are all collective pitch rotor design.

Best RC Helis

Hope all these models and price comparison chart help you make an informed decision. Visit the hobby shop page for a list of online shops where you can buy a remote controlled helicopter. Have fun!

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